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33 - something to say we'll give you 30 seconds GO" Can...

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Presentation topic for mgt Plain Speech Yes! Short and Sweet One way to polish the presentation of the main point of your speech is to consider it thus. The day before your presentation, you are called to to the office of the divisional vicepresident; there you are introduced to the managing director and a representative of the company's major share holder; "O.K." says the vice president "we hear you have got
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Unformatted text preview: something to say, we'll give you 30 seconds, GO ". Can you do it? If you can crystallise your thoughts and combine your main message with some memorable phrase or imagery, and present them both in 30 seconds then you have either the perfect ending or the basis for a fine presentation....
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  • Fall '10
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  • Management occupations, vice president, Presentation of Mary, Vice President of the United States, major share holder, memorable phrase

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