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Handout Chapter 2 - •  Suppose an organiza/on is...

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Unformatted text preview: •  Suppose an organiza/on is considering giving raises to some of its employees. •  It currently has 6 Black employees, 3 Hispanic employees, and 12 white employees. Further suppose that the firm gives raises to 2 of its Black employees, 2 of its Hispanic employees, and 9 of its White employees. •  That results in a selec/on percentage (“selec/on” for the raise) of .___ for the Black employees, .____ for the Hispanic employees, and .___ for the White employees. •  To implement the four fiMhs rule, we must compare the ra/o of the protected class to that received by the non ­protected class. •  If the ra/o of percentage to percentage is not at least four fiMhs or .80, then possibility of adverse impact exists and protected class may have cause for legal ac/on. •  In this example the percentage of Blacks (.___) compared to the percentage of Whites (.___) was far ____ than the four fiMhs necessary. •  The percentage of Hispanics selected for raises was very close to the percentage of Whites selected for raises (.___/.___ = .___), thus ________________ exists for that group. 1 ...
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