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Walking and Jogging Goals Journal You will put together a journal beginning (date: ) that will be maintained through (date: ) . For the introduction of your journal (the first page), you will write one long-term goal, which will be the goal you want to reach by December 1 st ; and 2 short-term goals, which will lead up to the long-term goal. BE SPECIFIC!! Example: o Long-Term Goal: I want to increase my cardiovascular endurance in walking and jogging by working at 75% of my Target Heart Rate by December 1 st , 2010. o Short-Term Goal #1: Each class I will increase my intensity by 5% to get my heart rate up. o Short-Term Goal #2: I will jog 2x as much as I walk each class period. Outside of this, you will also create one short-term goal that will take place outside of this class. Example: o Short-Term Goal: I will extend my exercise routine by walking 30 minutes a day, 4 days out of the week, until I reach my long-term goal by December 1 st , 2010. On the second page, you will place your Target Heart Rate Worksheet. (If you need a new one or
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