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Once you have completed your calendar, you will write one page detailing how you feel you met your goals, and if not, how you think you could improve. You need to include your thoughts on this class as an activity course (no regards to the textbook!) and if you feel that it was beneficial to your personal health and fitness. Give your thoughts on how you would, if you were teaching the class, form a routine for one day of a walking/jogging class (this can be anything – walking along the trail(s), conditioning, bootcamp, jogging, walking/jogging intervals, hill runs, etc.) Finally, you will write your favorite activity done in this class. This project is worth 50 points and is due on (date: ) . The other half of your final grade will be the 1 ½ mile walk/jog. This is worth 50 points also, leaving you with a total final
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Unformatted text preview: exam worth 100 points . You MUST attend this day to get the points. There are no make-ups, unless we arrange something beforehand , and you have a legitimate excuse. Calendar Example Monday, 10/18/11 Activity: Jogged along the River Trail Duration: 30 minutes Intensity: light-to-moderate HRM: Y N If yes, RHR: 85 bpm MHR: 176 In THR Zone? Y N How I felt during this workout: Overall, I felt that I got a good workout. It was not too intense, and I was able to keep up. Tuesday, 10/19/11 Activity: Weight Training at Rec Center Duration: 45 minutes Intensity: moderate-to-vigorous HRM: Y N If yes, RHR: MHR: In THR Zone? Y N How I felt during this workout: I feel that I am getting stronger in my upper body and able to do more repetitions in a single set. Wednesday, 10/20/11 Thursday, 10/21/11 Friday, 10/22/11...
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