10 - intended. Target Heart Rate worksheet available and...

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Grading Rubric 0-5 points 6-11 points 12-15 points Goals (15 points) Little or no detail. Not specific or specific enough. Goals were not realistic or not thoroughly planned. Does not contain all goals intended. Target Heart Rate worksheet missing or not complete. Good detail. Goals are somewhat specific or specific. Goals are realistic, but not thoroughly planned. Contains 1 long-term and 2-3 short-term goals. Target Heart Rate worksheet is available, but not fully complete. Good to excellent detail. Goals very specific – frequency, intensity, time, and type (FITT factors set). Goals are realistic and thoroughly planned. Contains all goals
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Unformatted text preview: intended. Target Heart Rate worksheet available and complete. Calendar (25 points) Little or no detail. Did not attend class or unexcused absence. Calendar is messy. Fair to good detail. Gave examples of activity but not specific. Calendar is neat. Great to excellent detail. Good examples and very specific. Calendar is creative and neat. Reflection (10 points) Little or no detail. Not one page. Does not refer to components intended. Good detail. Missing some intended components. One page. Excellent detail. Refers to all components. One or more pages. Total: ________ out of 50 possible points. *Additional Comments:...
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