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SECTION 1: ABOUT THE GUIDELINES Four Levels of Physical Activity The Advisory Committee report provides the basis for dividing the amount of aerobic physical activity an adult gets every week into four categories: inactive, low, medium, and high (see table below). This classification is useful because these categories provide a rule of thumb of how total amount of physical activity is related to health benefits. Low amounts of activity provide some benefits; medium amounts provide substantial benefits; and high amounts provide even greater benefits. Classification of Total Weekly Amounts of Aerobic Physical Activity Into Four Categories Levels of Physical Activity
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Unformatted text preview: Range of Moderate-Intensity Minutes a Week Summary of Overall Health Benefits Comment Inactive No activity beyond baseline None Being inactive is unhealthy. Low Activity beyond baseline but fewer than 150 minutes a week Some Low levels of activity are clearly preferable to an inactive lifestyle. Medium 150 minutes to 300 minutes a week Substantial Activity at the high end of this range has additional and more extensive health benefits than activity at the low end. High More than 300 minutes a week Additional Current science does not allow researchers to identify an upper limit of activity above which there are no additional health benefits....
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