slidenotes - 17:33 SLIDE8 Havetodecideif:unrestricted,,...

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17:33 SLIDE 8 Have to decide if: unrestricted, temporarily restricted, permanently restricted SLIDE 9  3 different types of net assets/equity -all requires that 3 done separated -either in 3 different statements -or combine all three together (3 separate columns or like one above another  (pancake))  when all together Statement of Activates Restrictions imposed by outside donor, like use of time  donor imposition has the force of the law managing cannot undue that Net assets restricted (only imposed by outside donors) (only undone by a donor) permanently restricted and temporarily restricted unrestricted 
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designated and undesignated Learning body of organization can set aside an amount of money for this purpose if they realize that they cant afford it they can undo it Designation done by internal network authority Even if designated still unrestricting Revenues vs. Support
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slidenotes - 17:33 SLIDE8 Havetodecideif:unrestricted,,...

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