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Study Questions 1. List five different types of cuffs. a. Roll-up b. French cuff c. Barrel cuff d. Vent e. Self cuff 2. What is the difference from open spec and closed spec. a. An open spec is basic information. Use open if you know the vendor and know what they are capable of. Or use if you want to get it faster. b. Closed spec is very detailed, and tells exactly what they want. 3. Name the three decorative details and give brief summarizes for each. a. Ruffles – stripes of self fabric that are gathered to add fullness b. Flounces- similar to ruffles but the fabric is cut in a circle, more expensive than ruffles c. Smoking – fabric pulled into a smaller area making tiny tucks usually on
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Unformatted text preview: top half of the top of the shirt. 4. What are the sizing categories for women and describe two. a. Misses, juniors, petites, women’s, women’s petites, maternity, plus size b. Misses- 5’5 to 5’6 average build, typically sizes even numbers 2-20 c. Women’s petites- 5’4 and under, more mature, fuller 5. What is the difference between width grading and length grading? a. Length grading, how much length your adding to the garment b. Width grading- how much width your adding to the garment, cross point from shoulder to shoulder (shoulder points)...
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