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Growth Strategies - GrowthStrategies...

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Growth Strategies Growth Industry vs. Mature Industry Mature Sales are stable year after year Lots of competition Ex: apparel industry Sales fairly stable  Always looking for ways to fight for that consumer dollar How can we expand, etc. Growth Industry Dependent on new product Not a lot of competition Revolve around technology Ex: apple phone coming out, no competition and that was growing very rapidly  with no competition Hybrid cars, green cars, smart cars,  Horizontal integration (see a lot more in retail) Joining of businesses in similar activities Like two business joining together Do this: Expand market penetration Eliminate competition Ex: Talbots bought Jay Jill  Was direct competition And then could expand into a more casual apparel Ex: finish line bought Genesco (look up) (deal fell through)
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Genesco, own journeys all these footwear retailers Journeys was big competitor of theirs on the casual side
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Growth Strategies - GrowthStrategies...

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