The Apparel Supply Chain

The Apparel Supply Chain - Circle middle to outside(find in...

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The Apparel Supply Chain Network of all the business that make up the retail industry Brings the final goods to the consumer The business that make up the industry that bring the product to the consumer Types of business that would include: Manufacturers  Retailers Wholesalers Trucking companies Buying agents Textile manufactures Testing labs Types: Linear Supply Chain Agriculture Fiber Production   Textile Production  Manufacturers   Retailer   Consumer “old school” – way we used to sell retail and sell to the consumer each person had there own distinct roles (agricultural, fiber production, etc.) disadvantage really hard and slow in reacting what the consumer wanted no differentiations in retailers and brands everything started to look the same Virtual Supply Chain (what we use today) Everything revolves around the consumer Everything is integrated rather than separate roles
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Unformatted text preview: Circle middle to outside (find in book) Consumer An-n Do what they do best and do it very well then partner with someone else that is really good at what they do too Retailer could do all things but having the fiber Really about partnerships and working together to get the things to the retailer Ex: Nike Wholesale brand, outlets, Nike town, own retail stores Another example underarmer, coach Disadvantage More disadvantage for retailers because more competition cause exclusive What they will do Then make exclusives for like finish line (Nike) Divide their catalog up Like fitness Kohl’s Issues 1.Speed Factories to vendors fast 2.Cost 3.Accurate as possible Right goods right place right time Office Depot Issues Ability to plan on a consistent basis Planning for the demand Any unforeseen issues Gas prices going back up...
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The Apparel Supply Chain - Circle middle to outside(find in...

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