Actin Motors - o Smooth – non-striated • Contraction o...

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Actin Motors - Myosin Myosins o Myosin I • All cells • One head domain – Binds actin – o Myosin II • Muscle myosin – Also other cells • Dimer, 2 heads • Bind to each other to form myosin filament – Thick filament Movie: Actin - Neuron Vesicle Motility Movie: Actin - Neuron Vesicle Motility GFP Actin - Growth Cone Actin Motors- Myosin Myosin Movement Muscle Types o Skeletal, cardiac – Striated – sarcomeres o Cardiac Muscle - Striated
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Unformatted text preview: o Smooth – non-striated • Contraction o sliding of filaments actin against myosin – troponin and tropomyosin o contraction of skeletal and cardiac muscle regulated by Ca2+ flux o smooth muscle cells and non-muscle cells – contraction same mechanism – contractile units smaller less highly ordered o activity and state of assembly controlled by Ca2+ -regulated phosphorylation of a myosin...
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