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Solution to Attack 1 - doughare used in the experiments...

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Solution to Attack 1: Fingerprint Liveness Detection Derakhshaniet al. 2003 •Software-based system •Static(periodicity of sweat pores along the ridges) and dynamic(sweat diffusion  pattern along the ridges over time) features are used for livenessdetection •Input to livenessdetection module is 5 sec.video of the finger  •Livefingers, fingers from cadavers, and dummy fingers made up of play 
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Unformatted text preview: doughare used in the experiments •Neural network is trained for classification: •Static method leads to an Equal Error Rate (EER) of nearly 10%;dynamic methods lead to EER of 11-39% •False accept: cadaver/dummy finger classified as live •False reject: live finger classified as cadaver/dummy...
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