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Face Databases The Olivetti (ORL, now AT&T) database: (40 subjects, ten 92x112 pixels with a variety of lighting and facial expressions) http://www.uk.research.att.com/facialrecognition • FERET (14,126 images that includes 1,199 subjects and 356 duplicate sets) http://www.dodcounterdrug.com/facialrecognition • FRVT 2002 (120,000 faces, includes video of faces) http://www.frvt.org/FRVT2002/default.htm • NIST 18 Mugshot Identification Database (3,248 mugshot images: front images and profiles, 500 dpi) http://www.nist.gov/srd/nistsd18.htm • The MIT database (16 subjects, 27 images per subject with
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Unformatted text preview: varying illumination, scale, and head orientation) ftp://whitechapel.media.mit.edu/pub/images/ • The Yale database (5,850 imagesof 10 subjects each imaged under 576 viewing coditions: 9 poses and 64 illumination conditions. Size 640x480, 256 grey levels.) http://cvc.yale.edu/projects/yalefacesB/yalefacesB.html • The Purdue database (4,000 color images from 126 subjects imaged with different expressions, illumination conditions, and occlusion.) http://rvl1.ecn.purdue.edu/aleix/aleix_face_DB.html...
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