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Densen, Rebecca Densen October 22, 2011 ENG201_G1 Soma S. Feldmar Multitasking, or Distracting? The Argument: In this paper I plan on arguing that using social networking sites while doing work or while in class is a distraction that many students believe they can handle. Students believe they are successfully multitasking, but is this really that efficient? Teachers have been debating whether allowing students to use their laptops during class for reasons other than class work is a bad idea or not. My research will demonstrate how is it a bad idea. My research will also show how doing any work whether in class or not with other sites opened on your computer is a distraction. Many argue it is multitasking and that multitasking is a new skill that is being developed more frequently by students today due to technology. I will prove that it is distracting, and is not allowing students to learn nor do their assignments to their fullest potential. I want to research this because I think there are many who believe that having websites like Facebook opened while doing work or being in class is fine and feel they are still able to learn or do their work to their fullest ability. Because of this some teachers are letting students have other sites opened during class, and I do not believe that anyone is putting their all into the task at hand in this situation. Teachers should not allow students to open Facebook and other sites in their classroom because of this. Research Questions: 1. (a) What is multitasking? (b) What is the definition of a distraction? (c) What is quality work? (d) What is an individual’s fullest potential measured by?
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research purposal eng201 - 1 Densen Rebecca Densen...

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