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I am posting on “An Educators Role in Pop Culture”, by Michael C. Obel-Omia. I agree with quite a bit of what was said in this article. Obel-Omia, said that he didn’t understand the want for children to wear their pants low enough for their underwear to be seen, which originated in prison. For anyone to want to associate himself or herself with that, I just do not understand it. I also agree that celebrities clearly have a power over young children today. They are impressionable and vulnerable. I think there is some good that comes out of pop culture like with Madonna showing how women can be powerful. She is inspirational and has helped a lot of people. I feel that you we need to have more influences like that, and less of those who are talented but sing about vulgar and unnecessary things. I was talking to my friends recently about the music that younger children listen to, and there are the clean songs from artists like Justin Beiber and Selena Gomez but they still listen to people like Rihanna and Kayne West as well who need to be edited before being
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