TH 101 Full Syllabus - Fall 2010

TH 101 Full Syllabus - Fall 2010 - TH 101 - INTRODUCTION TO...

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TH 101 - I NTRODUCTION TO T HEATRE Tuesday/Thursday 3:00 - 4:20 p.m. 97 Alumni Arena R. Wesp, Lecturer Office located 2 nd floor, Alumni Arena: Room 280 A E-Mail: / Office Telephone: (716) 645-0598 Student/Instructor Communication: E-Mail is the preferred method of student-instructor communication for this course. Please use your UB student e-mail address when contacting me (e-mail from non- UB addresses may be lost). Please include a reference to TH 101 in the “subject” line of your e-mail to make identification of it easier. IF you use the telephone voicemail at the departmental office there is a chance the message may go astray as all theatre/dance adjunct faculty use this office; and as I will be unable to check telephone messages every day. Just for the record, I cannot accept “I left a phone message” as an excuse for missing or late student work. Course assignments and class-related communications from me to all students will be sent to the UB LEARNS course site for TH 101 ( ). These will include course study materials, any announcements, etc. E-mails from me will be sent to students’ UB e-mail addresses. Your student access to UB LEARNS and the UB web mail system will allow you to have e-mail forwarded to other addresses. To find out more on this subject, please go to: ionTools/email.htm Specific parameters and due dates for student assignments will also be posted, and student work submitted and graded, using UB LEARNS. Edited slides from lectures will be posted as documents on the TH 101 UB LEARNS site and will remain posted until the in-class quiz for that section of material has been given, at which time the documents will be removed to make way for new material. These are intended as additional study aids. Students are responsible for checking for materials and communications sent to the course site, and should do so on a regular basis . N.B. Reviewing materials posted on the course site is in no way a substitute for attending class. In order to achieve a satisfactory course grade students should attend all classes throughout the semester. Page 1
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TH 101 - I NTRODUCTION TO T HEATRE Tuesday/Thursday 3:00 - 4:20 p.m. 97 Alumni Arena Attendance: A sign in sheet will be circulated at each class. Students are permitted two (2) unexcused absences, after which, additional absences will reduce student’s final grade by ½ letter grade (thus a course grade of C will be reduced to C- at the third student absence, to D at the fourth absence, etc.). Students who will have absences due to activities such as ATHLETICS,
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TH 101 Full Syllabus - Fall 2010 - TH 101 - INTRODUCTION TO...

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