Kudler plan - Abstract This paper will discuss how an...

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Abstract This paper will discuss how an information system is critical to the business process of an organization and how the information has impacted the organization's structure. Executive Summary Kudler's Fine Foods has been in business for 11 years. Staying in business in this economy is impressive. The company has come a long way in 11 years but is lacking the technology to get it to through the next 11 years. The products that are sold are perishable and inventory must be properly tracked. Kudler's stakeholders are the staff, customers, suppliers, banks and the owner herself. By not having a true system. Implementation "There is a definite focus in Information Systems (IS) research that is based around the identification of variables that measure the factors that influence IS success in small business. Identification of measures is of importance to the individuals running those businesses as well as researchers seeking to enunciate the value of IS." (Armstrong 2007) In this 21st century, many small businesses do not use the information technology tools that are available. Many times, the lack of computerization lead to the failure of many small businesses. Today's computer systems are not the systems of our parents, which were very labor intensive. Today's systems are automated and 99% of all entries are done by bar code scanning. Information systems are costly, but the costs incurred by not having such as system can be detrimental. The world's largest retailer, Wal-Mart, uses the Smart Inventory System in its business dealings. (Walmart 2009) Walmart's system uses the bar code scanner to enter an item
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Kudler plan - Abstract This paper will discuss how an...

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