Facebook polling is helpful for private DQ3

Facebook polling is helpful for private DQ3 - can find out...

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Facebook polling is helpful for private, professional, business, and scientific purposes. People can poll their friends and family members to get information about public opinion. This knowledge enables pollsters of all ages to find answers to all types of questions as well as solutions to everyday problems. Polls are online formats for gaining personal pleasure and knowledge. Students can use polls to gain insight into the study habits and academic needs of their peers. Likewise, educators, such as teachers and librarians,
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Unformatted text preview: can find out what academic subjects or books most students prefer. In the professional sphere, executives and other employers can use Facebook pools to determine statistics about their workers. Business professionals like polls because they allow them to do market research by surveying consumers about sales, products, and services. Lastly, in science and health-related fields, Facebook polling provides organizations with alphanumeric data regarding clients and patients....
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