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McBride Marketing Running head: MCBRIDE MARKETING McBride Marketing Paper Brian Johnson BSA/310 – Business Systems September 12, 2011 Jennifer Streker
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McBride Marketing McBride Marketing Overview McBride Financial Services is a new business that offers mortgage loans, appraisals, credit reports, and home inspections. The business operates out of Boise, Idaho but intends to expand into Wyoming, Montana, North Dakota, and South Dakota. McBride needs a marketing campaign to set off its business and create a larger customer base for granting loans. This paper will discuss the plan of action McBride will need to take in order to become a big player in the housing market. Market Research to be undertaken The research McBride can undertake should be seeing the current trends when applying for loans and seeing how successful businesses in the same field as McBride have survived through the tough economy and still draw in customers. Promoting the business should be very excessive and McBride should find as many cost efficient ways to do so. Another thing McBride may have to worry about would be the housing market in the area
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McBride Marketing Paper - McBride Marketing Running head...

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