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Unformatted text preview: Learning Team B Brian Johnson Jason Castillo James White Stacey Owens D 'Nae Burrell Riordan Manufacturing Overview Riordan Manufacturing is a global plastics manufacturing company that employs 550 people. Headquartered in San Jose, California, Riordan Manufacturing is a company founded by Dr. Riordan in 1991. Originally Finance & Accounting Current Configuration Riordan Manufacturing has three distinct and distally located operating entities that are located in Georgia, Michigan and California. • San Jose, California headquarters location owns a fully licensed Windows based enterprise resource planning system designed specifically for the plastic processors and process and assembly manufactures. • The Michigan location has purchased a custom software package to address their financial and accounting needs. While the Michigan location does have access to the source code, because it is programmed in C, the vendor is no longer in business. To increase to the challenges at the Michigan location the application runs on a pair of DEC Alphas running the VMS operating system. Client workstations for the application are VAX4000’s • the Georgia location, the financial, accounting and manufacturing package is also a custom coded application. The application runs on two AS400’s using the UNIX operating system. • Finance & Accounting Challenges Data updates to corporate headquarters from the operating entities are received in several different formats. Some data is sent over as data files and can be imported into the corporate financial and accounting system; some data is delivered via hard copy and must be re-entered into the corporate system; some data is delivered via data file but cannot be imported into the corporate Human Resources Current System The company’s HRIS system was installed in 1992. The system is to keep track of Personal information (such as name, address, marital status, birth date, etc.) Pay rate Personal exemptions for tax purposes Hire date Seniority date (which is sometimes different than the hire date) Systems Limitations This system that the company works by is considered ancient and very back dated. The process of getting the information entered into the system is really unreliable due to it is requested by paper, which can get lost and is another process for the company mangers to maintain. The whole Human Resources system is to spread out there is no mention of any backup systems that if a part of the system that goes down or is interrupted there is no information of how the information will be able to retrieved Currently the information is stored on spreadsheets by training and development specialists, which are not by secure methods. Without centralization of this information from each location, the process to gather, arrange, and manage the data in the system becomes time consuming and difficult. Systems Recommendations To improve organization and moral, Riordan needs to install a system that allows employees to view current and new policies, job openings, personal information, and the employee handbook. This system will also allow employees to file complaints in confidence, check vacation time, current benefits, and paycheck information all through a secure sign-in and password. Provide an Information System that has the ability to centralize all Human Resource functions and allow the entire Human Resource department to deal with the previously discussed issues The recommendation to Riordan Manufacturing is to install and use SAP’s complete human resource applications that will allow managers to input information and the system will update employee records throughout the company This system is the applications are available in several different languages which will assist the company with communications between the China location and any new location outside the English speaking language. The SAP applications utilize high security by requiring users to login with user names and passwords that also allow the ability to designate the level of information certain individual will have access in retrieving Current Legal Opportunities The legal aspect of Riordan Manufacturing seems pretty sound. Another opportunity is that if retaining fees are not used for the month they are lost and don’t carry over. That is a waste of money for the company especially if this company remains on retainer Due to the operations overseas and in China, Riordan should hire a law firm located in China to provide accurate information on the laws that pertain to that area of production. Provide local legal Sales and Marketing OThe sales and marketing division of Riordan Manufacturing pportunities does not fully capitalize on their customer relations. Currently, the marketing information system does not permit Riordan Manufacturing advancement to become more influential in their industry. This is due to multiple issues. Riordan’s way of maintaining records for the firm is divided into multiple databases, handwritten files, microfiche, and unsecure management systems. Riordan does not have an integrative marketing system. Therefore, data is not readily accessible or promptly found in any uniformed method. This type of record management leads to delays in production, lost information, and waste of time and money. Sales and Marketing Recommendation The most critical improvement Riordan faces is the necessity of a system for customer relations management. Customer relations management, or CRM, is defined as, “a company-wide strategy designed to reduce costs and increase profitability by solidifying customer loyalty” (CRM Magazine, 2010). Riordan Manufacturing must choose the appropriate technology that will Operations Many business systems are in place that helps the company to continue their success in plastics. Some areas could use improvement in the systems they employ as well. Based on reviews completed after the CardiCare project, the company needs to implement better systems to overcome certain vulnerabilities. Riordan is a very successful company, but it could be even better if the Production They are the Pyramid Bottle project and the CardiCare report. The Pyramid Bottle project has used Microsoft project to map out the goals and responsibilities of everyone on the project. It is a well thought out and well developed plan. There should be more of an emphasis on the quality of the product rather than the low cost of the product. The third issue is that when forecasting demand for the product, their estimates were a bit off. A system that evaluates the demand for a certain product to ensure demand meets costs is needed. The company will also employ better management systems to keep user representatives informed of the progress of the project. Better management helps keep user expectations on an even playing field. Question/Answers ...
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