DQ Week 1-5-1 - Week 1 DQ1 Based upon Cervones(2007 article how were the technical needs of the customer matched to the SDLC process in developing

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Week 1 DQ1 Based upon Cervone’s (2007) article, how were the technical needs of the customer matched to the SDLC process in developing the digital library? Why or why not did this process enable better justification of the project? In the case of the Digital Library and the SDLC process it created a way for the team and the company have a better view of what was best for the company. The process that to some people at home is just about buying a new program, installing and using was developed into 8 different steps to make sure the current program, new program, and overlapping ones did not cause a problem within the company or with there customers. The reasoning for the SDLC process is that companies must continuously replace and renew technology. In some cases this is a large process in some it is a small process although they must do so with as little disturbance as possible to the employees and the outside world that might use whatever products or services the company offers. They must also do so at maintainable cost to the company. For the digital library this would be a great process. They would have a "preliminary investigation" or just really a brainstorming on the current system and the different alternatives. A "problem analysis" or what is wrong with the current program and how will the new one change that as well as work with the current overlapping systems. Next is the "requirements analysis" which looks more in depth into the new system and what the possible challanges and advantages will be. This is followed by the "decision analysis" where it will be decided to create the project or kill it. "design" is next to come where you will create the program around the business needs. The "construction phase" is very important as it requires testing of the program to eliminate bugs. This is followed by "implementation" of the program for use by customers and employees. Lastly, there is the "operation and support" of the new program which is continuous until the next team is created to replace the program yet again because it becomes out-of date. Within this process there are many hurdles including in the beginning it requires a great deal of approval to make sure the cost and benefit are worth the companies time. This would be a great way to determine the digital library for a company as they would be getting a beneficial program in the end and it would be due to the process and hard work of the employees. DQ2 Based upon Bidokhti’s (2008, January) article, the reliability and availability requirements are absolutely essential at the start of the of Product Development
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Life Cycle (PDLC) process. This is very similar to requirements for the SDLC. If you were developing a new business information system, how does the requirements stage of PDLC/SDLC affect the final outcome of the project, and why are they so important? In the end the goal is to create a product the end user wants to use and is
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DQ Week 1-5-1 - Week 1 DQ1 Based upon Cervones(2007 article how were the technical needs of the customer matched to the SDLC process in developing

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