Business Requirements Paper_Week 3 CIS 205

Business Requirements Paper_Week 3 CIS 205 - Business...

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Business Requirements Paper 2 Business Requirements Paper The measure of success in today’s global market requires a foundation of technological infrastructure that will bring consumers and manufacturers closer together. Riordan Manufacturing has significant technological and process-driven challenges that exist. To sustain growth, these challenges will need to be accounted for and have initiatives in place to meet them. In this paper the subject to discuss is the necessary business requirements and technological solutions that can satisfy these requirements. Manufacturing and Inventory Riordan Manufacturing, a global manufacturer of plastics with earnings annually in excess of $45 million, maintains manufacturing plants located both nationally and globally. The plants produce beverage container products in Georgia, customized plastics in Michigan and with a joint venture produces fan parts with China. After careful review of the identified areas for improvement in the manufacturing and inventory processes at Riordan’s Manufacturing Company, Team E, Incorporated has determined that there are too many unnecessary manual processes in place. These processes create the potential for errors as well as inefficiencies and unnecessary workforce costs. To address these problems Team E, Inc. recommends the integration of RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) tags that will provide time stamped accurate data on all materials, Pre-assemblies, and completed products as they move through the supply chain. Recommendation for Improvement Team E, Inc. has determined that the current hardware infrastructure, which includes an Enterprise Resource Planning infrastructure, will be more than sufficient to implement RFID tags on all inventories. The current ERP system is capable of reading the information from the RFID
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Business Requirements Paper_Week 3 CIS 205 - Business...

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