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What are some of the major problems companies have in managing their data? What solutions would you propose? In todays information age a companies data is critical to the success of their business. Good data management practices are critical to successful operations particularly in managing customer relationships, business intelligence, and data warehousing. Bad or incomplete data has been the downfall of projects, departments, or entire organizations. Most companies data is inaccurate or incomplete. This sets these companies up for a coming crisis. This is particularly true since more and more companies are reliant on an increased data flow of information between partner
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Unformatted text preview: organizations. The first and foremost thing that companies need to recognize is the importance of their data. And to view company data as an asset that should be protected and maintained accordingly. One way to go about protecting and maintaining the data would be by establishing an Information Quality Assurance Team. This team would be responsible for maintaining the accuracy of the data and ensuring that data is a protected company asset. Another responsibility of the Information quality assurance team would be the development of policies and procedures that enable the maintaining and accuracy of the data....
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