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B265 Test 2 Spring 2008

Which of the following contains deoxygenated blood a

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Unformatted text preview: 1.C OM - PR EME D41 1.C OM 29. You are the attending physician when a well nourished young male presents with a complaint of frequent urination. The urine volume is higher approximately 2.5 liters per day. There is no infection, no swelling. Which test would you order first ? a. GFR b. Plasma clearance c. Glucose in the urine d. Plasma proteins in the urine COM - PR EME D41 1.C OM 30. The pH shift at the tissues is less tan expected because H+ binds to hemoglobin. This is called a. the chloride shift b. the Bohr Shift c. the Root effect d. The Haldane effect 11. COM - PR EME D4 11. 31. Acetylcholine a. decreases the stroke volume of the heart b. decreases the heart rate c. increases the cardiac output d. increases the sodium conductance e. all of the above ED4 11. COM - PR EME D4 32. According to the Frank-Starling law, the strength of ventricular contraction a. directly proportional to the end diastolic volume b. inversely proportional to the end diastolic volume c. completely controlled by the strength of auricular contraction 11. COM - PR EM 33. I...
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