B265 Test 2 Spring 2008

A 2700 mmhg b 27 mmhg c 30 mm hg d 270 mm hg pr eme

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Unformatted text preview: oxygen c. carbon dioxide d. all of these 11. COM - PR EM ED4 11. COM 22. The QRS wave of the electrocardiogram is produced by a. depolarization of the atria b. repolarization of the atria c. depolarization of the ventricles d. repolarization of the ventricles ED4 Match fresh water fish marine invertebrate shark marine mammal salt water fish - PR EM ED4 11. COM - PR EM a b c d. e ED4 11. COM - PR EM ED4 11. COM 23. chloride is extruded at the gills to keep blood Cl levels below the external water--e 24. Loop of Henle allows excretion of urine that is saltier than the blood--d 25. Osmolarity of the blood is increased by organic molecules--c 26. blood sodium is higher than the external medium--a 27. ions and total osmolarity of the blood changes with the external medium changes--b PRE MED 411 .CO MPRE M ED4 11. COM - PR EM 28. Which of the following contains deoxygenated blood a. the right ventricle b. the left ventricle c. the pulmonary veins d. the aorta OM 1.C D41 - PR EME - PR EME D41...
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