B265 Test 2 Spring 2008

Circulation to the muscles is reduced e all are true

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Unformatted text preview: nd possibly Chloride COM - PR EME D41 1.C OM 47. Which ion (s) depolarize the cardiac myocyte to threshold before an action potential ? a. sodium and potassium b. chloride and potassium c. calcium, sodium and potassium d. calcium alone COM - PR EME D4 11. 48. If RT/zF = .025 V , what is the equilibrium potential for chloride when the concentration in the cell is 20mM and the concentration outside is 400mM ? a. +75 mV b. – 75mV c. -32 mV d. +32mV ED4 11. COM - PR EME D4 11. 49.The electrical driving force on Na+ crossing the cell membrane is a.outward if the membrane potential is negative b.inward if the membrane potential is negative c.inward if the membrane potential is positive d.always inward regardless of the membrane potential PRE MED 411 .CO MPRE M ED4 11. COM - PR EM ED4 11. COM - PR EM ED4 11. COM - PR EM ED4 11. COM - PR EM ED4 11. COM - PR EM 50..When the membrane potential is equal to the equilibrium potential of Na+ (approx. + 60mV). a.Na+ ions move down their electrochemical gradient b.Na+ ions move into the cell driven by the electrical force c.Na+ ions move out of a cell down their electrochemical gradient d.The net flux of Na+ ions is 0....
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