B265 Test 2 Spring 2008

Occurs when the concentration in the glomerular

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Unformatted text preview: COM - PR EME D4 11. COM 13. Which of the following statement about the partial pressure of carbon dioxide is true ? a. It is higher in the alveoli than in the pulmonary arteries b. It is higher in the systemic arteries than in the tissue c. It is higher in the systemic veins than in the systemic arteries d. It is higher in the pulmonary veins than in the pulmonary arteries. - PR EM ED4 11. 14. All of the following bind with hemoglobin except a.Bicarbonate b.O2 c.H+ d. Carbon dioxide ED4 11. COM - PR EM ED4 11. COM 15. Aldosterone stimulates sodium reabsorption and potassium secretion in a. proximal tubule b. loop of Henle c. distal tubule d. collecting duct e. a and d - PR EM ED4 11. COM - PR EM 16. The affinity of hemoglobin for oxygen is decreased by a. acidosis b.high temperatures c.acclimatization to high altitude d.all of the above PRE MED 411 .CO MPRE M ED4 11. COM - PR EM ED4 11. COM 17. If a person with normal lung function were to hyperventilate for a minute, there would be a significan...
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