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Unformatted text preview: Biology 265 Second Test Spring 2006 Form 1 1. This week a satellite crashed on Eos, scientists were surprised to find an atmosphere with 30% oxygen and an atmospheric pressure of 900 mmHg. What is the partial pressure of oxygen on this asteroid? a. 2700 mmHg b. 27 mmHg c.. 30 mm Hg d. 270 mm Hg 2. In setting the rate of breathing, neurons of the inspiratory center of the medulla are most directly regulated by a. HCO3 b. O2 c. H+ ion d. all of the above 3. Which respiratory pigment is found inside a muscle cell ? a. hemerythrin b. creatine c . myoglobin d. hemoglobin 4. What gas is most associated with the bends ? a. nitrogen b. oxygen c. carbon dioxide d. all of these 5. If a diffusional exchange of oxygen between the blood and water is concurrent (same direction), what is the highest % of saturation the blood can reach ? a. 99% b. 10% c. 50% d. 33% 6. The difference in partial pressure between the artioles and venules in the tissue is much greater for carbon dioxide than oxygen. a. true b. false 7. When bicarbonate is formed from carbonic acid, the local pH a. becomes more acidic b. becomes more basic c. stays the same 8. What is the role of DPG( 2,3,diphosphoglycerate) in oxygen transport ? a. it facilitates the loading of oxygen at the lungs b. it increases the unloading of oxygen at the tissues c. it has no effect on oxygen loading d. it assists in the transport of carbon dioxide 9. The pH shift at the tissues is less tan expected because H+ binds to hemoglobin. This is called a. the chloride shift b. the Bohr Shift c. the Root effect d. The Haldane effect 10, In which animal is the urine formed by secretion rather than filtration ? a. shark b. reptile c. insect d. bird e. mammal 10. Human urine output is approximately a. 5 liters/ day b. 500 mls/ day c. 180 liters/day d. 1.5 liters/day D B C E A 11. Carries deoxygenated blood from the body B 12. Carries oxygenated blood from the lungs D 13. Chamber that pumps blood to the body E 14. Pumps blood to the lungs A 15. Controls the rhythm of ventricular contraction C 16. When ADH is inhibited the urine volume is less and the urine is more concentrated. a. true b. false 17. When the blood sodium is low, which hormone directly mediates uptake from the distal tubule ? a. ADH b. rennin c. aldosterone d. ANF 18. What is the pK of a buffer reaction ? a. the hydrogen ion concentration of the products b. it’s the same as the pH c. the apparent dissociation constant of the reaction d. the log of the dissociation constant e. the negative log of the dissociation constant Match a b c d. e fresh water fish marine invertebrate shark marine mammal salt water fish 19. chloride is extruded at the gills to keep blood Cl levels below the external water --e 20. ion regulator but an osmoconformer --c 21. Loop of Henle allows excretion of urine that is saltier than the blood --d 22. blood sodium is higher than the external medium --a 23. ions and total osmolarity of the blood changes with the external medium changes--b 24.. In the shark, the osmolarity of the blood is less than the external osmolarity of sea water a. true b. false 25. Sodium, potassium and calcium ions leave the cell through gap junctions a. cardiac myocyte b. pacemaker cell c. both d. neither 26. If the pH of the blood is 7.4, what is the most effective buffer ? a. Hemoglobin b. Carbonic acid c. Ammonia d. All are effective e. None is effective 27. The hydrostatic pressure of the glomerulus is 55 mm of Hg and the osmotic pressure of the blood is 30 mmHg. The osmotic pressure of the primary urine is 45 mm Hg. a. the GFR will be normal b. the GFR will be low c. the GFR will be high 28 .According to Poiseuille’s Law if the diameter of a vessel is doubled the flow increases f. 2x b. 4x c. 8x d. 16 x 29. If the heart rate is 80 beats per minute and the stroke volume is 80 mls What is the cardiac output per minute ? a. 5 liters b. 5.2 liters c. 6.4 liters d. 64 mls 30. If the same heart is stimulated by epinephrine what would you expect the cardiac output to be ? a. 5.2 liters b. 6.4 liters c. 3.2 liters d. 10.4 liters 31. Acetylcholine a. decreases the stroke volume of the heart b. decreases the heart rate c . increases the cardiac output d. increases the sodium conductance 32. What happens when the plasma level of glucose exceeds 375 mM ? a. carriers of the proximal tubule are saturated b. glucose appears in the urine c. less water is excreted in urine because the osmotic pressure of the urine is higher d. all of the above 33. How much work is done by the right ventricle when the cardiac output is 5 liters/minute and the mean pressure is 80 mmHg ? a. .5 liter-atmospheres/minute b. 50 liter atmospheres/minute c. 40 liter-atmospheres/minute d. d. 20 liter-atmospheres/minute 34. In starving children the belly is often bloated. Why ? a. without protein, blood osmolarity is low and fluid is not reabsorbed b. without protein, myocytes are damage and cardiac output is reduced c. without protein, capillaries rupture d. kidney failure produces excess fluid in lymph vessels 35. The water permeability of this portion of the kidney is altered with the insertion of aequorin under hormonal stimulation a. distal tubule b. proximal tubule c. thick ascending limb d. collecting duct 36. If the plasma concentration of inulin is 0.5 mg/ml, the urine concentration is 3.0 mg/ml and the urine formation rate is 2.5 mls/min, what is the GFR ? a. 1.6 mls/min b. 0.6 mls/min c. 3.75 mls/min d.15 mls/min 37. A person has developed a first degree heart block and requires a pacemaker to ensure conduction is correctly timed. The technician diagnosed the block form the EKG. Which abnormalities altered the technician ? a. the qrs wave was abnormally high b. the t wave was abnormally low c. the distance between the p wave and the qrs wave was longer than normal d. d. the distance between the p wave and the t wave was very short 38. All of the following would bind with hemoglobin except a. HCO3 b. O2 c. H+ d. CO2 39. The normal PO2 at the alveoli is a. 110 mmHg b. 300 mmHg c. 46 mmHg 40. a. b. c. d. d. 160 mmHg Which faction (s) would increase the amount of oxygen in water increased partial pressure of oxygen in the air over water increased temperature increased salinity all of these Match a. proximal tubule b. ascending portion of the loop of Henle c. collecting duct d. distal tubule 41. 42. 43. 44. 45. antibiotics are secreted into the urine--d aldosterone controls sodium transport--d ADH controls water permeability--c excess acid is secreted into the urine --d secondarily active Cl transport reduces salt in the urine --b 46. When is rennin secreted ? a. when the blood pressure is low c. when sodium levels are high b. when the blood pressure is high d. when ADH levels are low 47. Which factors contribute to the ability of a fish to secrete oxygen in the swim bladder ? a. lactate production by specialized cells in the secretory area b. counter current trapping of oxygen in the secretory area c. very exaggerated Bohr effect d. exaggerated Root effect e. all of these 48. Which type of tissue generates heat by uncoupling mitochondrial electron transport from ATP generation ? a. fat cells of the liver b. brown adipose tissue c. smooth muscle d. brain tissue ...
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