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Biology 265 Test 3 Spring 2001 Form 2 1. Which section of the brain is responsible for fine control of motor movement like ballet or pitching a baseball ? a. medullab. ponsc. limbic system e. thalamus d. cerebellum 2. Damage to this area of the cerebrum causes expressive aphasia. A person with the disability understands spoken and written language, but responds with a series of non-sense words. a. Wernicke’s area of the temporal lobe b. the motor cortex of the frontal lobe c. Brocha’s area of the frontal lobe d. the visual cortex of the occipital lobe 3. In perception of _________________, a coiled springy protein pulls open an ion channel when it is displaced. a. chemicals b. heat d. lighte. pain c. sound 4. Which ion moves through this channel ? b. potassium moves outof the cell a. potassium moves into the cell c. sodium moves into the celld. sodium moves out of the cell 5. In dogs, hearing may extend a. down to 10 cycles per second b. up to 40,000 cycles per second c. up to 100,000 cycles per second d. to 20,000 cycles per second like ours 6. Low pitched sounds are perceived by hair cells a.in the cochlea, closest to the middle ear b. in the most distal region of the cochlea c. by one of the 4 rows of cells in the organ of Corti d. by cells randomly scattered onthe sensory membrane 7. What is the approximate refractive index of the cornea ? a. 1.00 b. 4.00 d. .68 c. 1.32 8. When a rod cell is stimulated by a photon of light, the protein opsin changes conformation, activates transducin which in turn a. opens Na gatesb. activates guanylate cyclase c. increases intracellular calcium d. activates phosphodiesterase Match the area of the brain with the information processed a. auditory association b. odors of sexual attractants c. visual association d. touche. balance 9. cerebellum e 10. occipital lobe of cerebrum c 11. temporal lobe of the cerebrum a 12. limbic system b 5/10/01 12:48 AM 1 Page 1 of 4 http://fig.cox.miami.edu/~lfarmer/BIL265/BIL2001/T3.htm
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13. parietal lobe of the cerebrum
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B265T3S01 - 1 5/10/01 12:48 AM Biology 265 Test 3 Spring...

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