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Practice Problems 1. If the cardiac output is 5.04 liters per minute and the heart if beating 72 times per minute, what is the stroke volume ? 2. If the rate of urine formation is 2 mls/ minute, the urine concentration of inulin is 30 mg/ml and the plasma concentration of inulin is .5 mg/ml, what is the glomerular filtration rate ? 3. The lake Osceola monster has been captured ! Students examining the physiology of this organism are amazed to find that it is able to breath through gills even at the very low oxygen levels of the lake (the partial pressure of oxygen is only 16 mm Hg). The monster does have red blood cells with hemoglobin. How is it different from human hemoglobin ? Draw a saturation curve to illustrate the difference. 4.; The monster has 10,000 cm 2 of gill area and the partial pressure of oxygen in the blood of the gills is 4 mm Hg. What is the rate of oxygen diffusion ? The gill membrane
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Unformatted text preview: is .001 cm thick . ( D = 23 x 10 6 cm 2 /sec). 5. If the ratio of bicarbonate to carbon dioxide is 20 to 1 and the pH of the solution depends on CO2/bicarbonate, what is the pH ? 6. Carbon dioxide has a molecular weight of 44, and oxygen’s molecular weight is 32. Which one will diffuse faster ? How much faster ? 7. At the top of Mt. Zupi, the atmospheric pressure is 600 mmHg, what is the partial pressure of oxygen ? 8. If the sodium concentration inside a cell is 20 mM and the concentration outside is 300 mM, what is the equilibrium potential for sodium ? (RT/zF = 26.52 mV) Answers 1. 70 mls 2. 120 mls/minute 3. The curve looks more like myoglobin with a very low ½ saturation level. 4. the rate of diffusion is 2760 cm3/sec. 5. pH = 7.4 6. oxygen , 1.17 x 7. 126 mmHg 8. +71.8 mV...
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