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t2answers - Biology 265 Second Test Form 0 1 Which gas is...

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Biology 265 Second Test Form 0 1. Which gas is least soluble in water ? a. carbon dioxide b. oxygen c. nitrogen d. all are equally soluble e. 2. According to Fick’s First Law 3. In which of the following would you expect the concentration of oxygen to be the greatest ? 4. Among air breathing vertebrates, a major challenge is 5. The Bohr effect a. is the reverse of the Root effect b. increases the acidity in systemic capillaries c. influences the affinity of hemoglobin for oxygen d. describes the effect of organic phosphates on hemoglobin’s affinity for oxygen 6. The majority of carbon dioxide in vertebrates is transported as
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7. In humans, shallow rapid breathing 8, Which of the following would have Malpighian tubules ? 8. Aldosterone a. enhances potassium secretion b. enhances potassium retention c. controls water permeability of the collecting duct d. controls acid secretion of the distal tubule e. enhances sodium secretion
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