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Unformatted text preview: OM 1.C D41 - PR EME D41 1.C OM I . T he inhibition of ACTH release the actionof corticosteroids the level of the brain is an by at exampleof: A. short-loop feedback D41 1.C OM - PR EME -t <P li?sJfffiino""* D. positivefeedback \ OM 1.C D41 ^ - PR EME tl glucagon gastricinhibitory peptide(GlP) ketone bodies epinephrino .. A. B. C. .q - PR EME 2. Which of the following inhibits insulin release from the betacells of the isletsof langerhans? -).. 11. COM 3. During the winter whenthe short-tailed weaselhasa white pelage, plasmaalpha-melanocyte stimulatinghormone(MSH) levelswould be: - PR EME D4 A. low I 11. COM B. high C. intermediate D. impossible say to - PR EME D4 4. One effect of the hormone 1 alpha 25 dihydroxyvitamin Dj is to inhibit the release parathyroidhormone from the parathyroidglands. ED4 11. COM , l)'-t, Hi:" Evidence indicates that the neurohormone inhibils the release orolactinfiom the that of pituitary is: 11. erg$ryptine dgpamine somatocrinin somatostatin COM - PR EM ED4 A. B. C. D. COM - PR EM f. 11. COM - PR EM increasedinEacellular "free" calcium increased cAMP catecholamine stimulationof the beta-adrenergic receptors melanophores on MSH bindingto MSH receptors melanophores on ED4 A. B. C. D. ED4 11. 6 . Selectthe condition that doesnot stimulatemelanosome dispersionwithin the melanosome, \ ED4 11. l25dihydmxycholecalciferol vitaminDj (cholecalci ferol) calcitonin parathvroidhormone MED 411 .CO MPRE M ED4 11. COM - PR EM .r( B. C. D. 7 PRE -> COM - PR EM 7. Calcium-bindingprotein synthesisin the small intestineis directly stimulatedby the action of: OM 1.C D41 - PR EME D41 1.C OM The bindingof AVP to the V2-typereceptor the cellsof the collecting in ductof the kidney (aquaporin in theapicalmembrane the leads a transient to insertion waterchannels of 2) of cells. - PR EME . A. fue B. false , D41 1.C OM 9. Glucagon whichof the followingeffects? has t)rqp - - PR EME glycogen phosphorylase A. inhibits inlibirsllycoleniynttieta'i 1.C OM glycogen C. stimulates synthetase D. all of the above - PR EME D41 (so and 10. The sulfonylureas suchastolbutamide carbutamide called"oral insulins") increase insulinrelease blockingsodiurn by channels the betacellsof the islets of langerhans. in ) COM A. true , - - PR EME D4 11. Yn,l,'.- by I I . The followingenzymeis not stimulated insulin? A. slucokinase (e.g.. sensitive lipases triglyceride lipase) ?4)fr9*one ( . glycogen syntnehse D. lipoprotein lipase - PR EME D4 11. COM - ED4 11. vasopressln. arglnlne COM (above 280 mOsm/kg) causes exponential an release of t 2 . An.increase plasma in osmolality COM 9 - PR EM A. true B. false-') insulin release response hormonethat mosteffectivelyincreases in to 1 3 .The gastrointestinal ED4 11. glucose ls: gasnicinhibitory peptide gastrin cholecystokinin secretin - PR EM ED4 11. COM - PR EM A. B. C. D. 11. ED4 :+#*ffi'"in COM 14. Glucagonsecretionliom the alpha cells is stimulatedby all ofthe following exceot: orgrucose) absence - PR EM C. epinephrine D. hypoglycemia - PR EM ED4 11. COM (VLDL) by 15. Insulinincreases release freefatty acids lipoproteins the of from very low density activating followingenzyme: the lipase PRE MED 411 .CO MPRE M ED4 11. COM cycrooxygenase 5Jipoxygenase Page2 OM 1.C D41 - PR EME 1.C OM is? insulinrelease the presence glucose in of 1 6. A gastrointestinal hormone that stimulates D41 r {-eSttS-UrriritorypeErgs' { 1.C OM - PR EME b. somatostaun C. secretin D. gastrin A - PR EME D41 vasopressin alsothe cellsthatdetect are 17. The neurosecretory neurons synthesize that arginine changes theosmolality bodyfluids. in of tnra 1.C OM falser 9<8= - PR EME D41 residues thyroglobulin form in to 18. Which of thefollowinginhibitsthe couplingof iodotyrosyl T4 andT3? COM A. thiocvnate 11. P.PYlthiou'"u t*e - PR EME D4 L. cassava sprouts D. Brussel - PR EME D4 11. COM 19. The cleaving thealanine of sidechainof an iodinated tyrosine andthejoining of the ring to another ofan remaining phenolic iodinated tyrosine through formation the iodinated etherlinkage crccurs the: in - PR EM ED4 11. COM A. secondary lysosomes B. Golgi region of membrane thefollicularcell ^ C, basal -tftD. of follicularlumenneartheapicalmembrane thefollicularcell COM 20. Vitamin D3 is the prohormonelbr: t-a> lalpha.25-dihydroxy r iramin D3 COM .i) - PR EM ED4 11. A.7-dehydmholesterol B. ergocalciferol lcif'e C. choleca rol 21. Lymphocyte differentiation controlled is by: 11. n ED4 L --l/ihvrorin B. ervthroDoietin .C:-'sornatoinedins - PR EM \) COM ' ED4 11. D. noneofthe above ' ED4 11. COM - PR EM ED4 11. COM disulfidebond an A and B chainlinkedby one interchain an A and B chain linked by two interchaindisulfide bonds disulfidebonds an A andC chainlinkedby two interchain an A and B chainlinkedby a C chain MPRE M .CO 411 MED PRE + A. (E) C. D. - PR EM has 22. Insulinin its activestate thefollowingstructure: Page 3 OM 1.C D41 - PR EME 1.C OM The vascular between median link the eminence theadenohypophysisthe: and is OM - PR EME D41 A. supraoptico-paraventricular-hypophysial tract B. infundibulum - PR EME D41 1.C (LATS) is an antibody thatstimulates TSH receptor the and lnng-actingthyroidstirnulator causes form of hypenhyroidism. a 1.C OM 'A. fue\ B. false ) glands the source calcitonin adultnonmammalian of in vertebrates. 25. The ultimobranchial are - PR EME D41 +, COM A. true B. false - PR EME D4 11. (i.e., is with: 26. Exophthalmoses protruding eyeballs) associated - PR EME D4 11. COM A. myxedema rB-Jhymtoxicosis{excessthyroid hormoneaction) C. cretinisnr D. hypothyroidism COM is synthesized fnrm 25-hydroxycholecalciferol 27. The hormoneI B5-dihydroxycholecalciferol in the: ED4 ->E 11. A. liver B. skin . - PR EM !4ryr> COM D. Intestrne - PR EM A. myxedema ED4 11. thyrotoxicosis strongly is associated with: 28. Graves' -Q,,qsphfrdragpesED4 11. COM C. low T3 syndrome goiter D. endemic - PR EM 29. The findingthatbloodcalciumlevelsdecreased aboutl07owithinonehourafterthe by 11. COM perfusion high calciummedium(13 mg/l00ml) into a bloodvessel the ofa of it thyroparathyroid apparatus a dog was imponant because suggested: of 11. COM - PR EM ED4 A. theexistence oarathvroid of hormone existenceof -salcrtcni+ ' ' E, Se C. the productofthe plasmaconcentration is ofcalcium and phosphate someconstant hormone D. calcitonin a hvoercalcemic is inhibitglucose-Gphosphatase activity strmulate glycogen synthetase acliviry glucokinase stimulate activity all of the above , PRE MED 411 .CO MPRE M ED4 11. COM A. B. C. -D. - PR EM ED4 30. Insulinactsto: Page4 OM 1.C D41 - PR EME 1.C OM 3 1. when plasma osmolality falls below280 mosm/Kg (hint:a normallevelis around 290 mOsm/Kg), arginine vasopressin secretion would: 1.C OM - PR EME D41 , A. deciiaseurark,jtlfy B. increase markedlv inc and then increase - PR EME D41 32. The growthfactormostdirectlyimplicated havinga possible as role in theformation of atherosclerotic plaques is? platelet-derived growthfactor fibroblast growthfactor transtilrmi-ng growth factor alpha epidermal growth factor - PR EME D41 1.C OM A. B. C. D. A. B. C. D. 11. COM 33. An absence ofadequate amounts insulinwould cause of the lollowingexcept: of all 11. COM - PR EME D4 hypoglycemia) glycourea polyurea ketonemia - PR EME D4 34. Melancrcyte stimulating hormone actson melanophores causes following sequence and the of evenlsto ()ccur: - PR EM ED4 11. COM A. increased cAMP, increased intracellular "free"calciunr, relaxation melanot-ilaments of B. decreased cAMP, decreased intracellular "free"calcium, contraction melanofilamenrs of ^ r| C)) increased cAMP. decreased intracellular"free" calcium,relaxation melanofilaments of - D increased cAMP, increased intracellular "free"calcium. contraction melanofilaments of ED4 11. COM 35. It' treatment a hypogonadal of malewith exogenous GnRH doesnot stimulate release the of t-4 tr^.tlr!, pituitarygland,thenrhepatient's condition the result inadequate is of fSH 1{ hypothalamic GnRH production. COM + - PR EM A. true z B. false) ED4 11. 36. The brattleboro rat: ED4 11. COM - PR EM A. drinkslesswaterthannormal --B:-tlrinks more waterthan normal C. hasexcess argininevasopressi'n rclease D. hasexcess orvtcrin release protection againstlow calciumletany icsponse (postearing) to-postprandial hypercalt:emia protection the skeleton of duringpeiiods-of calciumstress rnineralization skeletal of bonein pre-weanling animals MED 411 .CO MPRE M ED4 11. COM - PR EM ED4 11. A. B. C. - D. t7 PRE .) COM - PR EM Which<rne the following hasnot beensuggeste<I a phvsiological of as lunction{br calcitonin: Page5 - PR EME D41 1.C OM J OM 38. Onecause Type I diabetes of mellitusis a defectin the functionof insulinsubstrateI. 1.C A. true - PR EME iJ. D41 B' tuh5 1.C OM 39. Which hypothalamic neurohormone usefulin the treatment suchdisorders is of as adrbmegaly, diabeticretinopathy, pepticulcers? and - PR EME OM 1.C -a dopamine gonadotropin-releasing (GnRH) hormone (TRH) thyrotropin-releasing hormone (SS|.-._ somatostatin D41 A. B. C. & - PR EME D41 4O. Nervegrowth factor affectsall of the following except: A. sympathetic ganglia - PR EME D4 11. COM pd;somnis mcor Eeunaxh\ C. sensory neurons thedorsal ganglia in root D. cholinergic neurons thebasal of forebrain 4l . A green anolelizardtreated with MSH would: t' npidly darkenln.color '.-' rapidlylightenin color remain same the sbow an agouti pattern - PR EME D4 11. COM A. B. C. D. ED4 11. COM 42. The gastrointestinal hormone thatis mostcloselylinkedto the induction satiety of offeeding behavior is? A. B. C. D. ED4 11. COM - PR EM sastrin gastric inhibitory peptide cholecystokinin secretin - PR EM 43. High bloodosmolality would: increase argininevasopressin rel.e4gl .. decrease aftinine va*opressrn rerease increase oxytocinrelease haveno eft'ect arginine on vasopressin release - PR EM ED4 11. COM A. g C. . D. -\. / - PR EM COM \ ED4 :t HCtbicarbonate prostaglandin E2 prolactin 11. A. B. C. D. ED4 11. COM 44. Tadpof of the fiog (Pheobatrachus es .silu.s) able to surviveand grow in the stomach arc of their mothersbecause tadpoles the secrete: -*-. B. C. - D. an increase plasrna in parathyroid hormone a decrease plasma in parathyroid hormone an increase plasma in calcitonin a decrease plasma in calcitonin ) PRE MED 411 .CO MPRE M ED4 11. COM J- - PR EM 45. An increase the activity of osteoclasts in would be initiatedby: Page6 OM 1.C D41 - PR EME 1.C OM 4 6. Which of the following is 99.1a memberof thc secretinfamily of gastrointestinal hormones? D41 peptide A. gastric inhibitory 1.C OM - PR EME --E-"Sucagon- - PR EME D41 47. What hormoneis believedto be of most importance the mineralization skeletalbonein in of pre-weanling animals thecalcium via obtained from milk? - PR EME D41 1.C OM A. parathyroid hormone -.l <8. calcitonin C. estradiol D. 7-dehydrocholesterol COM 48. In species wherethereis neural controlof N,[SF[ release: dopaminestimulates MSH release. acetylcholine inhibitsMSH release chlomromazine inhibitsMSH release doparnine inhibitsMSH release COM - PR EME D4 11. . .{. "B. C. ,D: +. a mealhigh in carbohydrate low in protein and threedaysof starvation sevendaysof starvation eatins balanced a diet ED4 11. COM A. B. C. D. COM 11. ED4 grlydipsia diriresiS--. amidFriiesii polyphagia MED 411 .CO MPRE M ED4 11. COM - PR EM ED4 11. COM - PR EM ED4 11. COM - PR EM ED4 11. COM - PR EM A. rB; t. D. - PR EM 50. The production largevolumesofdiluteurineis termed: of PRE ' - PR EME D4 11. 49. Whichof thefollowingwould cause highest the insulinto glucagon ratio? Page7 ...
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