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Why would anyone want a career in the U. S. Air Force and feel they would be successful in that position? In today’s society, education stands as a significant factor in order to succeed. We are now being challenged by new technology and being expected to cope with a changing world. There are many factors in life that influence our decision-making, personality, and lifestyle which will determine our future stability. In my case, being 18 yrs of age and straight out of high school, I anticipate that it is my obligation to take advantage of every opportunity. Throughout my search for a career, I realized that my mother could not afford to send me to college, nor did I make the grade to attain scholarships. So a place to my personality. I want a career because I would like to gain more knowledge in a field of my interest and to obtain financial security. I feel I will be successful in Accounting because it is a profession that I enjoy and feel comfortable working with. Since dealing with numbers was not a problem, I was convinced that I should pursue my
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