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Anglo-Saxon Literature Study Guide Key Terms 1. alliteration – repetition of consonant sounds 2. ballad – poem or song telling a popular story (O); either very sad or very exciting; served as a form of entertainment in mead-halls 3. caesura – deep pause in the middle of a line of poetry 4. contemptu mundi – medieval theme that reminds people to “hate the world” 5. memento mori – medieval theme that reminds people to “remember death”
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Unformatted text preview: 6. metonymy a word or expression used as a substitute for something with which it is closely associated, e.g. Washington for the US government (O) 7. rhyme scheme pattern of end rhyme in poetry 8. scop also called minstrel / gleeman; storyteller, singer in Anglo-Saxon culture; important to feasts and other events...
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