Aphra Behn and Charlotte Smith

Aphra Behn and Charlotte Smith - left behind a rich legacy...

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Aphra Behn and Charlotte Smith Women in the Enlightenment Aphra Behn * The first woman in England to earn her living as a writer * Wrote what is arguably the first English novel. * As a child, she traveled with her foster family to the West Indies, to Suriname * She participated in a slave rebellion. * To earn money, she became a spy in Antwerp, Belgium, for King Charles II. When she was poorly paid for her spying, she ended up in debtor’s prison. * To rectify her situation, Behn began writing to earn money. * This was an unusual motive for women writers in her day, for most were aristocrats who wrote for pleasure, not for pay. * Behn would write fourteen plays * The fortunes of London theaters declined around 1680, and with them Behn’s income. * Still resourceful, she began writing fiction, and though she died poor, she
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Unformatted text preview: left behind a rich legacy in her writings Oroonoko * A novel is a long work of prose fiction. * One characteristic that sets novels apart from earlier types of prose fiction is their realistic portrayals of the interior psychological states of characters. * What changes does Oroonoko undergo in this selection? * What does he learn about the differences between his values and those of the captain? * In what sense does Oroonoko lose a certain innocence about the world? * Pg. 522 – Oroonoko was himself involved in the slave trade * Pg. 523 – Because Oroonoko is honest, he assumes everyone else is too * Pg. 524 – Because of the captain’s dishonesty, he assumes Oroonoko is lying * Pg. 526 – The slaveholders separate the slaves in order to control them...
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