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Aphra Behn - up writing novels because poetry did not make...

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Aphra Behn first woman in England to earn living as writer; participated in slave rebellion; became spy in Belgium; began writing to earn $, unusual motive for women (most were aristocrats; wrote for pleasure); wrote 14 plays Oroonoko Arguably 1 st English novel; story about an African prince named Oroonoko who is sold into slavery; Oroonoko was himself involved in the slave trade; because Oroonoko is honest, he assumes everyone else is too Chralotte Smith married at 16; 10 children. ; began writing to earn money; considered a precursor to Romantic Era; took
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Unformatted text preview: up writing novels because poetry did not make enough $; published over 20 books; critics considered her novels too political for a woman Elegiac Sonnets (1784) book of poems; so popular that it eventually went through eleven editions; influenced major Romantic poets such as Samuel Taylor Coleridge and William Wordsworth, as well as the Victorian poet Elizabeth Barrett Browning “Pressed by the Moon …” compares the oppression experienced by women to the ocean crashes against a shore and washing up dead bodies on a graveyard...
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