Basic Romantic Themes - popular. * The theme of this poem...

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Basic Romantic Themes * The 3 main themes in Romantic literature are * Love of nature * Optimism/Idealism * Individuality/uniqueness of hero Robert Burns – (1759 – 1796) * National poet of Scotland * Romantic poet * Heavy use of Scottish dialect – imitating the speech patterns of a particular region “Auld Lang Syne” * Do you recognize this poem? * Many of Burns’s poems have been set to music. These songs are part of the cultural fabric of Scotland and one of the reasons his poetry has remained so
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Unformatted text preview: popular. * The theme of this poem is common to Burns’s work – friendship, patriotism, optimism * Where do we see the optimism? * Where do we see a sense of individuality? * Where do we see a love of nature? “John Anderson, My Jo” * Is the speaker a lover or a friend? * Does it change the sentiment of the poem? * Where is the love of nature? * Where is the sense of optimism? * Where is the individuality?...
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