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Christophe r Marlowe wrote "Faust"; friends with Shakespeare; killed by Ingram Friser in a knife fight; boorish type of guy who was always in bars “The Passionate Shepherd to His Love” Poem in iambic tetrameter; shepherd invites his beloved to come live with him offering only nature in return Ben Jonson 1 st success was Every Man in His Humour performed by Lord Chamberlain’s Men; good friends w/ Shakespeare (often took part in “wit-combats” with
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Unformatted text preview: him & won) Song to Celia Exaggerates love and romance if he sends love a rose it would only smell better because it would smell like her; references to Classical literature and mythology (Jove); emphasis on happiness in present life Epitaph on Elizabeth, L.H. From a book called Epigrams, full of poems eulogizing the dead; contains epitaphs for 2 of his children; emphasizes present life over afterlife...
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