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Comprehension and Analysis (from Handout) 1. How is the printing press important to the Renaissance? a. made books available to the masses as more people became literate 2. How did these things influence the Renaissance? a. Catholic/Protestant conflict? as Protestantism sort of overthrew rituals/practices of Catholic church so went Roman Catholicism’s limit on secular learning b. monarchal influence? King James Bible was commissioned; literature was able to flourish depending on which monarch (for example, Elizabeth wrote some of her own poetry so many were encouraged to be literate) c. Neoclassicism? rebirth of interest in Greek and Roman thinking and emphasis on learning; often borrowed from their histories
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Unformatted text preview: d. Greek/Roman mythology? writers allude to the characters of these ancient works in their own works e. Visual art? 3. What impact did the King James Version of the Bible have on British culture and literature? a. more people were able to read and know the Bible for themselves; became even more influential as subjects in authors works 4. Why did minstrels decline as dramas rose? a. Minstrels were for more of a select group: they did serve in mead-halls but were more prevalent in royal courts; dramas were simply more available to a broader audience, an audience that became increasingly more literate and had a growing thirst for more history and wit...
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