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Era: Medieval Literature Anonymou s -- “Sir Patrick Spens” Ballad that describes the relationship b/w vassal and lord: vassals have no choice even to avoid their own death Anonymou s -- “Ubi Sunt Qui ante Nos Fuerunt?” Translated as “Where are they that were before us?”; examines the medieval themes of contemptu mundi and memento mori Marie de France Attributed as inventor of Breton Lay; also wrote
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Unformatted text preview: “Lay of the Werewolf” “The Honeysuckle: Chevrefoil” Describes the passionate love b/w Tristan and Isolde; “fall” in love (origin of term) due to an elixir; their love is represented in honeysuckle and hazelwood (forever entwined); displays courtly love theme of infidelity; Tristan was cousin and vassal to King Mark; Isolde was noblewoman who was betrothed to King Mark...
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