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George Gordo1 - How is this simile extended “cloudless...

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George Gordon, Lord Byron Bio Born into an aristocratic family that had lost its wealth When his great-uncle died, he became the sixth Lord Byron Studied at Cambridge Born with a “clubfoot,” which is a deformed foot, but still worked hard to become an athlete. He accepted his family’s seat at the House of Lords Supported labor movements and Catholic Emancipation. In his thirties, Byron had a common-law marriage with an Italian countess and moved near Shelley in Pisa Most famous works are Childe Harold and Don Juan In the 1820s, Byron used his writing to help support the Greeks gain independence from the Turks. He even stopped writing and became an officer in the Greek war. He died of a fever just before turning thirty-six. The Greek people today still honor Byron as a national hero. “She Walks in Beauty” Note the Iambic Tetrameter Discuss simile – “like the night”
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Unformatted text preview: How is this simile extended? “cloudless climes” “starry skies” “dark and bright” He wrote this poem for his cousin after seeing her at a formal party For what qualities does the speaker praise the woman? Where does her beauty come from? What elements of the poem are Romantic? What makes it different from Wordsworth’s Romanticism? Childe Harold’s Pilgrimage Child Harold is the first Byronic Hero The Byronic hero is a leading figure in a literary work who, like a hero in Byron’s works, is flawed – overly emotional, introverted, and a little disreputable by conventional standards. Assuming that the speaker of these two stanzas is Childe Harold, what qualities do you imagine Harold to have? Does he fit the definition of the Byronic hero? Why, or why not?...
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