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George Gordon, Lord Byron (1788- 1824) Born into aristocratic family that lost its wealth; became the 6 th Lord Byron when great-uncle died; studied at Cambridge; born w/ “clubfoot;” still became an athlete; accepted family seat at House of Lords; had common-law marriage with an Italian countess; moved near Shelley in Pisa; in the 1820s, Byron used his writing to help the Greeks gain independence from the Turks; died of fever before turning 36 still honored as Gk national hero Childe
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Unformatted text preview: Harold’s Pilgrimage • Child Harold is the first Byronic Hero • The Byronic hero is a leading figure in a literary work who, like a hero in Byron’s works, is flawed – overly emotional, introverted, and a little disreputable by conventional standards. Don Juan one of Byron’s most famous works, along with Childe Harold; still quoted / copied from today She Walks in Beauty • Iambic Tetrameter • wrote this poem for his cousin after seeing her at a formal party...
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