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John Bunyan - speaks on freedom and oppression though he is...

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John Bunyan – Puritan Preacher Father was a tinker; first Baptist preacher then became Puritan; imprisoned twice for preaching w/o a license Pilgrim’s Progress Written while in prison; allegory of every Christian’s journey to reach the “Celestial City”; basically a morality play in which characters rep virtues and vices Richard Lovelace / Cavalier poet Born to wealthy family; educated at Oxford; fought in the civil wars on King Charles I side; continued to write poems supporting the king even while in prison “To Althea, from Prison” Love poem & a war poem; themes of “Carpe Diem”;
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Unformatted text preview: speaks on freedom and oppression: though he is in prison, he is more free than any bird because of his love Andrew Marvell / Cavalier poet Supported Charles I; served in Parliament for many years after Charles I regained throne; secretary to Milton as young man; all of his published after his death “To His Coy Mistress” Says coyness & playing hard to get if we had all the time in the world; he & his lover should “carpe diem” and make the sun chase after them instead of being caught by the sun “The Garden” (551)...
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