Jonathan Swift - wars proves too costly so they send him...

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Jonathan Swift Irishman living in England; hated English oppression of his home; wrote against monarchy; protected himself by writing in allegory ; wrote against monarchy; protected himself by writing in allegory; long-time relationship with a woman but never married (thought they were related) Gulliver’s Travels Story takes place in three parts; this is the first; satirizes the government and the monarchy; in Lilliput , Gulliver represents the king, the little people represent the people; Gulliver fights their
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Unformatted text preview: wars; proves too costly, so they send him away Brobdingnag 2 nd book in the series; big people repr the royals; little Gulliver the masses; because they are so big, he sees all their flaws; because he is so small, they do shameful things in front of him, regarding him as less than human; Swift is very careful about how he uses satire “A Modest Proposal satirizes treatment of Irish by the English in suggesting that they eat the babies Anne Finch one of England's first published women poets...
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