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Mary Wollstonecraft – Early Feminism Bio * Very interested in women’s rights at a young age * Helped her sister escape an abusive husband * Started a school for girls to receive higher education, but lack of support closed it down * Married William Godwin, a social reformer who agreed with her ideas about womanhood * Died in childbirth * Wrote against the inequalities between women and men, such as: * Women couldn’t vote or petition a suit * Men were allowed to beat wives * Women could not attend universities, nor often even “high school” * Very few jobs for women that were not servants or domestics
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Unformatted text preview: * Married women could not own property Vindication of the Rights of Women * Responds to the Enlightenment emphasis on the rights of men * She argues that women are deprived of education, but accused of being ignorant * She challenges Milton’s depiction of Eve * What proof does she offer that Milton envisioned women as merely children? * What inconsistency does she point out in Milton’s depiction? * What did Adam ask God for? What did “God” give him?...
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