More - would center on the miracles that made the saints,...

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More: 1. Breton Lai – brief medieval romance mostly attributed to Marie de France; usually examines themes of courtly love 2. courtly love – set of rules governing behavior of nobles, esp. b/w men and women 3. romance - adventurous story about knights and soldiers; mainly meant to teach the code of chivalry 4. chivalry – code of honor that knights (and all men) were supposed to follow 5. mystery plays – plays written about the lives of the saints, disciples, and Christ;
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Unformatted text preview: would center on the miracles that made the saints, or the miracles of Christ; were a way of teaching basic Biblical history to illiterate masses in an entertaining form 6. sumptuary laws – dress code in medieval era; laws defining what people wore 7. silkie – seal-like shape-shifter 8. frame tale – story that itself provides a vehicle for the telling of other stories (story within a story)...
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