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Questions about Shakespeare 1. What is the cycle of Shakespeare’s sonnets? the young man, the rival poet, the dark lady 2. What is the rhyme scheme of the Elizabethan sonnet? abab cdcd efef gg a. the Petrarchan sonnet? abba abba cdecde (or cdcdcd or cdedce) 3. What is the first physical reference of Shakespeare that proves his existence? a. He is mentioned in Robert Green’s A Groatsworth of Wit (shows him to be already well-known) 4. What was the name of Shakespeare’s troop of actors? What did it change to? a. Lord Chamberlain’s Men (commissioned Shakespeare for many years); the
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Unformatted text preview: King’s Men (after King James bought the Globe) 5. Why was the sonnet so popular during the Renaissance? a. It is an old Roman form; shows the poet’s master of language; is an “intact world” (microcosmo) 6. What were some of the conspiracy theories against Shakespeare? a. that he was Queen Elizabeth; that he was James I; that he was Christopher Marlowe; that he never existed 7. What were some of the rumors about Shakespeare? a. that he never loved his wife; that he married Anne because she was pregnant...
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