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1. Richard Wright “The Man Who Was Almost a Man;” Uncle Tom’s Children Son (novels) Father abandoned his family; Published his first short story at 16; out on his own at 17; similar to what Ezra Pound was to Lost Generation; joined Communist Party in late 1920s; wrote for the Daily Worker and the New Masses (Communist newspapers); married white dancer in 1939; broke w/ Party in 1949 (disillusioned after going to Russia); wrote for the book The God that Failed 2. Jean Toomer “Blood-Burning Moon” Deserted by his father soon after birth; not always accepted by all of the black writer of the time, because of his mixed ethnicity and writing style 3. James Baldwin “Sonny’s Blues;”
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Unformatted text preview: Giovanni’s Room ; Go Tell It on the Mountain Grew up in Harlem; began preaching in Fireside Pentecostal Church at 14; encouraged to write by Richard Wright; wrote passionately for civil rights movement in 1960s; accused of being homosexual for some of the content of his work though mostly speculation 4. Ralph Ellison “King of the Bingo Game” Born in Oklahoma City; father was ice and coal vendor mother was a domestic servant & recruiter for Sot Party; moved to New York & met Hughes & Wright who encouraged him to write; published Invisible Man , his greatest work; 2 nd novel began in 1950s, was only published in 1999 after his death, called Juneteenth...
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