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Rulers of England - was established Book of Common Prayer...

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Rulers of England Ruler Era Description King Edwin Anglo-Saxon First king converted to Christianity; became great Christian king & married Christian noblewoman who brought Paulinus (missionary) to him; after he was killed and his armies defeated (632), new rulers suppressed Christianity for the next century or so King Henry VIII Renaissance Angered by failure of his wife Catherine to produce a male heir; broke w/ Roman Catholic Church and made himself Supreme Head of the new Church of England (Anglican Church); remarried twice b4 begetting a son: Edward King Edward Renaissance Frail, sickly nine-year-old son of Henry VIII who became King Edward VI when Henry died; during his reign, Protestantism spread throughout England, Anglican creed
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Unformatted text preview: was established, Book of Common Prayer was written; died at 15 Queen Elizabeth I Renaissance Perhaps greatest monarch in all of English history; long reign from 1558 to 1603 (known as Elizabethan Age); true exemplar of Renaissance person, writing her own poems; shrewd leader (encouraged pirates to sink Spanish ships); her death was the end of the Tudor Dynasty King James I Renaissance First of the Stuart kings; Protestant but had Catholic sympathies; detested radical Protestants (Puritans); believed in divine right of kings; ran into conflict w/ Lower House of Commons (mostly Puritan); established Jamestown (first English colony); supported Shakespeare (bought out the Globe Theater); issued King James Bible...
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