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Sample Question1 - Sample Questions 1 What were the major...

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Sample Questions
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1. What were the major gods / goddess of the Anglo-Saxons, and what did they have control over? (Also, what day of the week did we name after them?) a. Tiu – god of war (Tuesday) b. Woden – king of the gods (Wednesday) c. Thor – god of thunder and sky (Thursday) d. Friea – goddess of home / harvest and hearth (Friday) e. Wyrd – goddess of fate (pronounced “weird;” where we get the word from) 2. How was Anglo-Saxon culture divided into? a. Thanes – Upper Class – warriors, land-owners b. Churls – Middle Class – farmers, tradesmen, free c. Thralls – Lower Class – slaves 3. What are some of Beowulf’s major characteristics? a. courage and brute strength b. arrogance / pride (hubris) c. devotion to family not very smart 4. How is medieval poetry different from Anglo-Saxon poetry? a. Caesura, in medieval poetry, comes at end of every 2 lines creating the rhyme scheme of XAXB (X’s being unrhymed lines) 5.
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